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SCAM Alert!

We have been made aware that some speakers have received unsolicited emails, e.g. from, offering special discounted hotel rooms during the conference. TMRC 2022 conference organizers have NOT contracted with any organization to arrange accommodation. TMRC 2022 will NOT send you any emails related to accommodations. All participants should make their own hotel reservations through their usual reputable travel agent.

Important Dates

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 The important dates and deadlines for TMRC22 are as follows:

Date Description
3/7/2022 Call for Nominations for Invited Speakers
3/21/2022 2nd Call for Nominations
4/4/2022 Deadline for Nominations
4/11/2022 Call for Posters
4/11/2022 Extended Deadline for Nominations
4/25/2022 Formal Invitations for Invited Speakers
5/9/2022 2nd Call for Posters
5/16/2022 Deadline for Invitation Acceptance
5/30/2022 Deadline for Digest Submission for Posters
6/6/2022 Notice of Acceptance for Posters
6/13/2022 Extended Deadline for Digest Submission for Posters
6/15/2022 Early Registration Opens
6/20/2022 Notice of Acceptance for Posters
6/27/2022 Deadline for Digest Submission for Invited Papers
7/22/2022 Early Registration Closes
8/2/2022 Full Paper Manuscript Deadline
8/24/2022 Recorded Presentation Submission Deadline
8/29/2022 TMRC Conference




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